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You know what's great about LiveMuscleShow.com? Our men! These huge, beefy musclemen are totally pumped-up for action - ready to take you into a private muscle fantasy! Get to know our incredible men today! Feeling shy? We have hundreds of thousands of video clips sure to please the most discerning muscle fans, plus new muscle video every day - only at LiveMuscleShow.com!

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Kurt Beckmann?size=150x178
Kurt Beckmann
Joseph Blessed?size=150x178
Joseph Blessed
Klaus Kasper?size=150x178
Klaus Kasper
Cheng Dun?size=150x178
John McDunkin?size=150x178
John McDunkin
Louis Simon?size=150x178

Thick and sexy, bad-boy Kurt Beckmann is tops with our fans - check Kurt out today and enjoy a sizzling hot muscle show. Joseph Blessed is blessed indeed - this Asian muscle star has just gone pro - and is in championship condition. As charming as he is handsome, Joseph loves to show off every inch of his hard-won competition form. Klaus Kasper is a mountain of muscle boy; beefy pecs, huge thighs, and batwing lats make Klaus a man to fulfill your muscle fantasies. Drop-dead gorgeous, with an amazing muscular form, perfect symmetry, and a hyper-shredded torso, Cheng Dun is the kind of man you dream of. Stop dreaming - spend some time with Cheng today. Muscle Daddy John McDunkin is impressive everywhere - with a heavy, beefy body and powerful muscular arms that were build to enfold. Let John wrap his strong and masterful arms around you! Louis Simon is a young and handsome muscle boy - with long lean muscles packed onto his 6'2 frame. Louis is still growing, and is very eager to please - so if you love muscle pups (and who doesn't?) give our boy a try. All the muscle you need - at the one, the only, LiveMuscleShow.com!

10mins of rockhard poses
10mins of rock hard poses
Tom Johns - Oct...
Tom Johns - Oct. 15
Fully Ripped
Fully Ripped

Check our our private show archives and our magnificent muscle movie galleries! With hundreds of thousands of videos, updated several times a day, we're sure you'll find as much muscle as you need to get your daily muscle fix! Today's picks include the inimitable Brice King - a very sexy muscle showman in 10mins of rock hard poses. Tom Johns delivers in show after show, displaying every inch of his well muscled, impressive frame. Check out this sneak preview from Oct. 13 Farris Caristeas has a body so strong, so hard, so Fully Ripped, you won't believe your eyes! Check out these top picks, or any one of our thousands of hours of exclusive muscle video. Muscle, all day long, anyway you want it! Only at LiveMuscleShow.com

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