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The men of are simply the world's finest male muscle models and elite, competitive bodybuilders. Men like this are hard to find, and we've got them just for you. Find your man then take him private for a mind-blowing one-on-one muscle session. Spy on your guy in voyeur chat. Relive your experience time and again by enjoying our live show archives, or simply kick back and relax with our incomparable collection of exclusive muscle videos- updated daily! - Muscle - anyway you want it - only at!

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Klaus Kasper?size=150x178
Klaus Kasper
Anton Buttone?size=150x178
Anton Buttone
Manu Rock?size=150x178
Manu Rock
Jack Parker?size=150x178
Jack Parker
Amerigo Jackson?size=150x178
Amerigo Jackson
Shawn Simon?size=150x178
Shawn Simon

Thick and meaty, hard and nasty - muscle stud Klaus Kasper is bigger than ever before. Once an up-and-coming young muscle pup, PowerMen's Klaus Kasper is now a MAN (of Stupendous Muscle). Who doesn't enjoy a juicy, round, delicious muscle butt? Anton Buttone is your man. As gorgeous as he is sexy, Anton is one of our most sensuous musclehunks!. And ooh - that delectable, round muscle-butt! At LMS, we like our men to be... well, manly. Take a session with the super shredded, hyper masculine Euro muscle meat, Manu Rock. Not to be outdone in the masculinity department, Jack Parker is back. Jack is uber handsome, with impressive proportions and a simmering sensuality that will leave you wanting more. MuscleHunks' man Amerigo Jackson is fresh off of a successful competitive tour; we didn't think Amerigo could ever be more magnificent - but we were wrong. Take a peak at Amerigo's incredibly developed, muscular form. New muscle man Shawn Simon has been learning the ropes - and he's a quick learner. Movie star handsome, with a jaw-droppingly spectacular body, Shawn is a man to watch. And watch. And watch some more. Take a private with any one of our hundreds of spectacular muscle men today - at the one, the only,!

A Room with a View
A Room with a View
Pristine & Dirty Part 4
Pristine & Dirty Part 4

Some of us can't get enough muscle - because when it comes to muscle? The more, the bigger, the thicker - the better! Log in today, and get your fix of the biggest, beefiest, hunkiest muscle in the world - all at Just to whet your muscle-loving appetite, we've picked a few or our favorite archived Muscle Videos from the LiveMuscleShow vaults. Check out Angle Alberto in "A Room with a View" from Revel in a voyeuristic adventure in Damon Danillo's "SPY VIDEO". See just how dirty we can be in Antone Buttone's MuscleHunks' feature "Pristine & Dirty". When you're done watching these, kick back and explore our tens of thousands of recorded private show archives and exclusive muscle videos - at the one, the only -

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