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The nights are getting longer, the air is turning brisk. Log into LiveMuscleShow.com today and turn on the heat; let any one of our screaming hot muscle men raise your temperature! Talk to your favorite man - then, get to know him one-on-one in a steaming, private, no-holds-barred session. Take a sneak peak at your man in action in voyeur chat. Sit back and enjoy and one of our thousands of exclusive muscle video clips! We bring you new muscle any way you want it - only at LiveMuscleShow.com!

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Joey van Damme?size=150x178
Joey van Damme
Boris Makov?size=150x178
Boris Makov
John McDunkin?size=150x178
John McDunkin
Armon Adibi?size=150x178
Armon Adibi
Kurt Beckmann?size=150x178
Kurt Beckmann

Big, strong and beefy, Joro is the kind of old-fashioned bodybuilder we're crazy about here at LMS. Meet Joro, and enjoy each and every inch of his defined, muscular form. With a flawlessly chiseled face, killer muscle specs, and a butt so fine it should be trademarked, Joey van Damme, just might be the muscle man of your dreamsBoris Makov is a HUGE and extremely HOT and STEAMY mass of sultry sexy muscle, who loves to show off every bulging, pulsing part of his body. John McDunkin is a confirmed muscle daddy, with thick corded muscles, a huge broad chest, and a handsome, masculine face. Think you can handle it? Take John for a ride! LMS welcomes back elite bodybuilder Armon Adibi; Armon is totally shredded, with a perfect masculine form, meaty muscles, a handsome face - and the sexy attitude that comes from being a winner! German born Muscle God Kurt Beckmann remains at the top of the leader board this week - one look is enough to tell you why; huge, amazingly sexy, incredibly sweet, and eager to give you exactly what you want - Kurt is a rock star! Get to know these guys today - at the one, the only, LiveMuscleShow.com!

Joseph Blessed - Sep...
Joseph Blessed
MULTI_C*M_4 Times
morning breakfast
Morning Breakfast
pec bounce worship.wmv
Pec Bounce Worship
HOT Explosion
Joey van Damme - Sep...
Muscle Dreams

At LiveMuscleShow, we do our best to point you to our favorite new videos and live show archives - but with thousands of videos, updated daily, we encourage you to explore! Today, we liked this archive of the amazing Mr. Joseph Blessed as he shows you his muscular and meaty form. Kurt Beckmann has been producing some fantastic work this week - check out his explosive "MULTI_C*M_4 Times". Muscle fantasy Cleed made an appearance this week and left behind this video, "Morning Breakfast". Big and Sexy Klaus Kasper has been working on his bench presses; see the impressive results in "Pec Bounce Worship". Super sexy Muscle daddy John McDunkin shoots a huge load in "HOT Explosion" - and last, but never least, Joey Van Damme gives us something to dream about in "Muscle Dreams"!   If this isn't enough (and who can ever have enough muscle?) - search through our comprehensive Video Archives and Private Muscle Galleries. Muscle - all day long, anyway you want it! Only at LiveMuscleShow.com

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