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Levi Strong
Levi Strong
Maximus Steel
Maximus Steel
Luciano Damato
Luciano Damato

Log in today, and welcome the gorgeous all-around athlete and fitness model, Levi Strong. Levi has a movie-star kind of face, and the perfect lines of a young and coming muscle star. Eastern European bodybuilder Maximus Steel is the kind of muscle daddy we all love - ripped, masculine and very strong.  Finally, we are happy and thrilled to welcome back the stunning Italian muscle super stud, Luciano Damato.  New muscle - new men - everyday at!

Anton Buttone?size=150x178
Anton Buttone
Nick Clark?size=150x178
Nick Clark
Joshua Armstrong?size=150x178
Joshua Armstrong
Markus Borgoff?size=150x178
Markus Borgoff
Lex Attila?size=150x178
Lex Attila
Johnny Dirk?size=150x178
Johnny Dirk
Andres Akumal?size=150x178
Andres Akumal

Top Muscle Men of the Month!

Our members have exceptionally good taste!  Who were our fan's favorites for the month of April? Tyron brought in the top spot for the month;  his dark good looks, his hard body, and his take charge attitude make him a constant fan fave.  Coming in a very close second, Ocean thrilled his fans with his huge muscle, perfect posing and absolutely ideal symmetry.  No top list would ever be complete without the sexy, masculine and studly Anton Buttone!  Newcomer Nick Clark is in very high demand.  Nick is a mountain of huge muscle, with movie-star looks and the attitude of champion!  Andres Akumal is one of the world's finest young bodybuilders, with huge guns, a perfect torso and a cocky attitude that commands respectYoung, charming, and huge, our new muscle superstar Joshua Armstrong was out on tour this month, logging in from around the world in-between live performances in some of New York's finest clubs.  Johnny Dirk is one of the most exquisite and perfect bodybuilders on the planet - huge tight muscles pack a lithe, lean frame;  coupled with his blond good looks and incredible charisma, he makes his fans very happy.  Pumped up and perfect in every way, Markus Borgoff is one of the sexiest men alive.  Rounding out this month's top guys, MuscleHunks' man Lex Attila is a muscle-lover's dream come true- hot looks, huge muscle, and rock-hard fun! Get to know these world championship bodybuilders now - at the one, the only,!

Latin hunk striptease
Latin hunk striptease
Bathroom - shaving and...
Bathroom - shaving and...
Farris Caristeas - Apr...
Farris Caristeas
Axel Agabo - Apr 3, 2014
Axel Agabo
Julio Santana - Apr...
Julio Santana

Top Muscle Videos

Every single day, our men record dozens of private show archives and post their own private movie galleries - our collection of muscle video's is so huge, so gigantic - so incredibly muscular, it's easy to be overwhelmed!  With each newsletter, we choose some of our favorites to help you out... but today, we've decided to let you know what everyone else is watching!  These six videos were tops in April - check them out today - and log in every day to see the newest in our muscle video collections!  ! Muscle - all day long, anyway you want it! Only at

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