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This summer, get into some muscle - here at We have hundreds of world-class muscle champions from around the planet, and every kind of muscle man to cater to your most intimate desires; from up-and-coming muscle pups, to super shredded muscle daddies. Our men come right off the pages of your favorite muscle magazines, and off the stages of the world's most important body building competitions. We've got the hottest, juiciest, most pumped-up muscle hunks in the world - waiting for you right here, at!

Rodney St. Cloud?size=150x178
Rodney St. Cloud
Markus Borgoff?size=150x178
Markus Borgoff
Markus Flex?size=150x178
Markus Flex
Manu Rock?size=150x178
Manu Rock
Brody Easton?size=150x178
Brody Easton

Larger-than-life Rodney St. Cloud is a man not-to-be-missed, with an exceptional physique, and a gigantic thick package that has been declared the 11th wonder of the world! Flex Master Markus Borgoff is movie-star handsome, charming, funny - with a smoking hot body that he loves to show off. Muscle Daddy Ajax is a wonder to behold - with a body carved out of ebony marble, incredible delts, perfect pecs, and abs for days. Check him out. Newcomer Markus Flex is a gorgeous young Italian muscle stud, with huge thick muscle, perfectly sculpted over every inch of his nearly 6' frame. European Muscle Master Manu Rock is every inch of what you want; seriously ripped, with giant guns, batwing lats, and 10 full inches of rock-hard man-muscle right where it counts! Super sexy Brody Easton is back, totally ripped, superbly shredded, with perfect musculature and a sublime talent for flexing and posing, giving you a fantastic look at every inch of his impressively defined and imposing form! Meet these guys, and more - at the one, the only!

giant poses
Giant Poses
My String
My String
John McDunkin - Jul...
John McDunkin

Wanna see what goes on behind closed doors? Check out our recorded private sessions, and spy on your favorite muscle studs in their most intimate moments. Or, sit back, relax, and get off to some incredible amateur muscle videos, made by our stupendous muscle men for their favorite muscle fans. Today, we'd like to recommend Brice King - showing off in Giant Poses, the shredded Mr. Tom Johns in My String and the newest installment by our newest Muscle Daddy John McDunkin. Thousands of videos, updated daily - Only at

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