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Log in to this weekend, and get a taste of these delicious muscle men! LiveMuscleShow gives you the opportunity to meet the the world's finest male muscle models and competitive bodybuilders - there's nothing else like it! Each and every pumped-up power man is eager and ready to show you what he's made of, anytime of the day or night! New muscle and new muscle video every day - only at!

Anton Buttone?size=150x178
Anton Buttone
Rodney St. Cloud?size=150x178
Rodney St. Cloud
Manu Rock?size=150x178
Manu Rock
Johnny Dirk?size=150x178
Johnny Dirk
Pavel Nikolay?size=150x178
Pavel Nikolay
Morris H?size=150x178
Morris H

Masculine, powerful, handsome... Anton Buttone is everything you could want in a man! Muscle-bound and super pumped, pro-bodybuilder Rodney St. Cloud is sharing his well-endowed assets to admiring fans. Absolutely shredded, Italian stallion Manu Rock is known for his handsome face, his hyper--masculinity, his cocky attitude, and his wild exhibitionist streak! Johnny Dirk is ripped to the nines, sculpted and lean, - come and touch some of this muscular perfection!. Pavel Nikolay boasts smooth muscles and a firm, unblemished set of powerful glutes, and being young, he delivers an endless supply of natural, grade-A testosterone. Muscle-boy next door Morris H is stocky and cocky, and thick everywhere it matters! Get to know these juicy, pumped- up muscle men today, at the one, the only,!

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Ass on table with posers
A** on table with posers
Jackson Action
Jackson Action
Varik Best - Jun...
Varik Best
thumbs u for my  six packs
Six Pack

Have you seen these videos yet? Mr. Kurt Beckmann offers you the moon - a very full moon - in "A** on Table with Posers". Dirty Boy Don Donato brings you his latest "LIVE PHOTOSHOOT" . A recent offering from MuscleHunks, Jackson Gunn in "Jackson Action". Huge and hunky, MuscleGod Georgio Fiore invites you to some "NUDE BICEP WORSHIP". Perfectly sculpted and awesomely built Varik Best shows you everything he's got. Dominant and demanding, and very very sexy, Nemeth wants to show you his ripped "Six Pack". Check in often and see what else our men have in store for you - we've got hours and hours private show archives and muscle movie galleries - featuring some of the best amateur muscle videos anywhere! Muscle - all day long, anyway you want it! Only at

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