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Log in to today, and welcome our newest bevy of bodacious, beefy, bad ass bodybuilders! They might be young... but all of them are hot, ripped, and very cocky! If you like your beef a little more seasoned, go to our leaders board, and get together with some of the top Champion bodybuilders in the world! Need more? We've got more! Hundreds of the world's finest male muscle models and competitive bodybuilders, plus hundreds of thousands of video clips of the most outstanding musclemen from around the globe - updated daily! We bring you new muscle and new muscle video every day - only at!

Dominus Stone
Dominus Stone
Johnny Danger
Johnny Danger
Ty Vedros
Ty Vedros

Log in tonight and meet our newest young muscle! MusclePup Dominus Stone hails from the South Sea's - he has a gorgeous face, clear chocolate skin, a huge perfectly developed chest and very broad shoulders. Johnny Danger has that ripped veiny look so muscle fans love... each muscle on his body is perfectly defined and exquisitely drawn. Ty Vedros is a tough guy, from the wrong side of the tracks. A born hell-raiser, his rock-hard body, cocky attitude and easy smile promise a very good time! Try them all today at!

Brock London?size=150x178
Brock London
Nick Clark?size=150x178
Nick Clark
Viny Knight?size=150x178
Viny Knight
Rodney St. Cloud?size=150x178
Rodney St. Cloud
Lucas Diangelo?size=150x178
Lucas Diangelo

This week at, our fans have mixed it up and selected some new favorites among our huge and hunky muscle champions! Hunter is very hot this week, and it's easy to see why! This guy is ginormous, with perfect symmetry, turtle shell abs, huge, beefy thunder thighs - and a fantastic disposition! Brock London is a mountain of a man - a Muscle God whose passion for bodybuilding shows with every sinew of his massive, shredded form. Nick Clark is still rocking our member's worlds, with his rock-hard body and super sexy private shows! If you haven't had a show with him yet - take him for a ride. You won't be disappointed! Viny Knight has grown from a good looking muscle model to a competitive Bodybuilding contender. Over the last year, our members have seen him grow in size, symmetry, and muscular perfection - and his hard work has paid off. If you haven't seen Viny lately? You haven't seen him at all! World Champion Bodybuilder Rodney St. Cloud has been around a lot these days, and as muscle-worshippers ourselves, we couldn't be more pleased!  Rodney is that perfect cocktail of huge size, ideal muscular development, simmering masculinity, and an immense tool kit that he is happy to show!  Since the first time we shot him for PowerMen.comMuscleHunks' man Lucas Diangelo has gone from being a lanky young musclepup to a hot and hunky Muscle Man.  A sexier, hunkier, more stunning man would be hard to find!  Not only gorgeous, Lucas is super sweet, fun, and playful - everything you're looking for in the  perfect muscle man! Where else in the world can you see men like this, live, and enjoy them one-on-one? Only here - at the one, the only,!

Chris Bortone - Apr...
Chris Bortone
sexy play
Sexy Play
A Bodybuilder Prepares....
A Bodybuilder Prepares....

Missed your favorite guy but still need to see him? Want a special private movie, made just for you? (Ask your guy... have him post it!) Just feeling voyeuristic and want a behind the scenes show?- Log in now, and check out our private show archives and movie galleries - featuring some of the best amateur muscle videos anywhere! Our video archives are growing in leaps and bounds, with hundreds of new video clips added every day! Right now, in our archives and galleries, we've got more than 200,000 unique Muscle Video clips for you to enjoy! At we are dedicated to muscle! And we bring it... every day!

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